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Venue Directions & Schedules

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Mandatory Coaches Sanctioning Workshops

Mandatory Coaches Sanctioning Workshops

CYO requires all coaches, who have not previously done so, attend a Mandatory Coaches Sanctioning Workshop. Coaches that are not sanctioned will not be able to participate in post season playoffs. All non sanctioned coaches will not be permitted to coach until sanctioned by CYO. Information can be received from the CYO website or by contacting the CYO office.

CYO is offering 2 ways to fulfill your obligation to attend a Mandatory Coaches Workshop.


Live Meetings:

Our 5 traditional "live" meetings are over for this season. New live meetings will be scheduled stating in August of 2013.
A maximum of 5 meetings will be held across Long Island between September and March.

Our new online version of "Catholic Coaching Essentials":

Catholic Coaching Essentials is a sport-neutral course centering on general coaching principles, sport first aid, and team management. At its core is the coach's role as youth minister, who can use sports as a venue to teach Gospel values, instill Christian character, and build community, $19.99 for the course.

Click here to register for online sanctioning.

Diocesan Child Protection Policies

All CYO parish coordinators, coaches, and all other CYO volunteers and staff are to comply with the
Diocese of Rockville Centre Child Protection policies and procedures:

A) background screen required
B) attend a Virtus session (go to www.drvc.org homepage and click on the Virtus training calendar to register)
C) sign a Code of Conduct

Please see your pastor to fulfill these requirements.

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