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Mandatory Coaches Sanctioning Workshops

CYO requires all coaches, who have not previously done so, attend a Mandatory Coaches Sanctioning Workshop. Coaches that are not sanctioned will not be able to participate in post season playoffs. All non-sanctioned coaches will not be permitted to coach until sanctioned by CYO. Information can be received from the CYO website or by contacting the CYO office.

CYO is offering 2 ways to fulfill your obligation to attend a Mandatory Coaches Workshop.

Live Meetings:

Thursday, October 20   7:30pm   @ St. Patrick, Smithtown

January 2017 (date & time to be determined)

Our new online version of "Catholic Coaching Essentials":

Catholic Coaching Essentials is a sport-neutral course centering on general coaching principles, sport first aid, and team management. At its core is the coach's role as youth minister, who can use sports as a venue to teach Gospel values, instill Christian character, and build community, $19.99 for the course on our website 

Click here to register for online sanctioning.